We at Tasting Notes are committed to bringing you the best, freshly roasted, beans from around the world.  Check out our bean selection to see the many different flavor profiles that we offer.  If you need a new grinder or brew device, head on over to the coffee equipment section.  If you're completely lost and have no idea where to even start, read through some of our tutorials or email us for any other questions.

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Coffee Beans

Purchase our specialty Ethiopian or expand your horizons and try our featured Exotic.

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Looking to hone your barista skills? Watch our tutorials to learn how to properly brew the perfect cup of coffee. We feature videos using Chemex, French Press, Aeropress, and many other brewing devices.

Since 1993

Our Mission

Tasting Notes started off as a grand idea - "Let's open a coffee shop that puts its focus on giving their customers the highest quality coffee while featuring the best live music from independent artists."  That idea is still alive, but the path looks much different. With our high-quality coffee beans delivered straight to your home along with our hand-picked playlists, we strive to bring you an authentic coffee shop experience without ever leaving your home.

We will deliver our beans to your door and provide tutorials so you can learn to be your own barista. We'll also provide a way for you to purchase or rent high-quality equipment so you can get the most out of our beans.

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