5 Amazing Coffee Facts To Impress Your Friends

If you’re a coffee addict keen to learn everything you can about your favorite drink, our list of coffee facts will be a real eye-opener. Let’s dive in.

Before you’ve completed your morning cup of coffee, it can be challenging to start a discussion with your coworkers. It’s likely that someone in the office like Java as much as you do given that there are approximately one billion coffee drinkers worldwide.

These amazing coffee facts will impress your colleagues rather than making you search for ideas for conversations. Our article on the advantages of morning coffee may also be of interest to you.

our list of coffee facts will be a real eye-opener. Let’s dive in.

1. Coffee Was Discovered In Ethiopia

Ethiopia is thought to be where coffee first originated. According to legend, a goat herder by the name of Kaldi noted that his goats were more active after consuming coffee berries. Kaldi gave the coffee cherries to nearby monks, who mistrusted the fruit and burned them out of concern that it was connected to the devil.

Later, the monks noticed a mouth-watering aroma coming from the fire and removed the cherries. They ground the beans and brewed the first cup of coffee.

2. Coffee Was Almost Banned

Throughout history, there have been multiple attempts to outlaw coffee. One of the more significant bans was enacted by Khair-Beg, the leader of Mecca, in 1511 when he closed down all coffee shops and made the beverage illegal. He thought coffee violated Muslim dietary laws, but historians believe that he was also worried about radical thinking because his subjects met in coffee shops to criticize his government.

our list of coffee facts will be a real eye opener

Religious leaders who believed coffee to be diabolical in the 16th century also forbade it in Italy. That is, until Pope Clement VIII gave it a try and discovered for himself just how amazing coffee is.

In the 18th century, Frederick the Great of Prussia decreed that common people could not have coffee, but wealthier citizens could enjoy a rare cup. He also heavily taxed it to drive the interest in coffee down, as he believed beer was a superior drink.

3. Brazil Is The Largest Coffee Producer In The World

Different species of the coffea tree, which produces Arabica and Robusta beans, are the source of coffee. The majority of coffee-producing nations are located close to the equator because these shrubs grow in warm, tropical climes. There are 50 countries that produce coffee, but one stands out as the leader.

The most productive coffee-growing country is Brazil, which produces 5,714,381,000 pounds of coffee per year. The second largest coffee country is Vietnam, accounting for 3,637,627,000 pounds

4. Starbucks Is The World’s Largest Coffee Chain

In 1971, Starbucks established itself by opening its first coffee shop in Seattle. Since then, it has expanded to become the world’s largest coffee chain.

In 2022, there were little more than 35,700 Starbucks locations, of which 15,873 were in the United States and 19,838 were located abroad. The largest income in its history, $26.57 billion, was generated in that same year

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5. Ancient Tribes Once Consumed Coffee

Coffee was consumed long before people started drinking it. To increase energy levels, it was traditional in Ethiopia to ground beans with animal fat and shape them into balls or bars.

Members of the Haya tribe in Tanzania chewed their coffee for similar reasons in the 16th century. These days, chocolate-covered coffee beans are more likely to be consumed if coffee is to be consumed.

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