Indiegogo Campaign

Hey there!

We are proud to announce that our Indiegogo campaign is kicking off here soon.  We will be raising $3000 for startup costs in order to purchase a few things.  The most important things we will be purchasing are the roaster and green beans.  Tasting Notes will start off as a smaller operation.  Our goal right now is to focus more on the end user.  We want to build a loyal group of coffee lovers to enjoy our beans every month.  Therefore we are looking at a smaller commercial roaster, which we will upgrade as our customer base increases.  We will encourage proper brewing techniques and will be releasing tutorials to show our customers how to get the best out of the beans we roast. We will also provide a way for customers to buy the proper brewing equipment straight from us.

If you share a similar passion, we'd be humbled and delighted if you would consider donating to the campaign:


Thank you all.